Our ability to optimally function and heal depends on the cells and processes of the body having the support they need. Frank learned the value of optimizing nutrition in order to maximize function from personal experience after undergoing 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy. 

A significant portion of the general inflammation in our body can be attributed to issues associated with our gut health, which can also affect our mental and emotional states. Proper nutrition and the use of supplements can help provide support to your physical therapy program by reducing the burden on your cells to function and by decreasing inflammation. 

There is no perfect diet that is the best one for everyone. In order for your nutritional health to be optimized, a customized plan specific for you and your unique needs is imperative. Frank has advanced training in Functional Nutrition and these considerations can be included in your program to help you understand not only how to move better, but also how to feel better by reducing your toxic load, optimizing your cellular health and thus, improving your overall health. 


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