Renaissance Physical Therapy & Wellness delivers a unique holistic, personalized, and multi-disciplinary approach to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

The word “renaissance” means “rebirth” or “revival.”

Our holistic approach is a “revival” of the traditional framework of addressing pain and dysfunction in the body. Our mission is to make sure that each person we work with is able to achieve their own “renaissance” in their pursuit of pain-free health, wellness, vitality and performance.

The Mission

Frank Mallon


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Founder, former patient, consultant, clinical mentor and physical therapist to clients of all levels, including Philly’s top pro athletes.

Pennsylvania’s first credentialed Postural Restoration © provider and certified Postural Restoration Center

Postural Restoration is a unique approach that can correct a wide array of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions by respecting the asymmetry and interconnectedness of all the body’s systems.

Frank has established a network of clinicians to ensure that his patients have full access to the multidisciplinary approach that a complete Postural Restoration program needs to deliver.

Frank also serves as a mentor to clinicians looking to learn more about the Postural Restoration approach.

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It is my perpetual goal to make sure that every single person I am given the opportunity to work with receives the kind of comprehensive care that I received when I was a struggling patient, which has made all the difference in my life. It is that same approach that has allowed me to see impactful and life-changing results with the patients I am grateful to work with. Not because of me, but because of what I have been fortunate enough to experience and learn as both a patient and as a clinician. 

After undergoing aggressive rounds of chemotherapy on top of injuries that had accumulated over a lifetime of athletics which included a collegiate football career and progressively worsening and scary neurologic symptoms, I was struggling badly. It was my journey to “feel myself again” and be the kind of husband, father, and PT that I wanted to be, needed to be and knew that I could be again, that caused me to travel around the country exploring treatment options and educational opportunities. 

My ongoing education and my journeys have allowed me to address those issues but more importantly has given me the knowledge and insight to understand how looking at the body as a whole system of interconnected systems and utilizing the tools of different medical disciplines working together to intervene together and at the correct time can have powerful, life-changing results. It is through this mindset that I have spent the last 10+ years building an interdisciplinary team of skilled and like-minded professionals who work together, fluidly achieving optimal outcomes for the patients.

I have ensured – and will continue to ensure – that every patient who chooses Renaissance PT & Wellness will have the same opportunity for improvement and well-being that I was blessed to receive. It is the best way that I can say thank you to those who have helped and educated me, and it brings my personal health renaissance full circle.   

My commitment to you is to be the right person at the right time for where you are on your journey and to not only help you understand your body’s unique needs, but also give you the tools to take back control of your own health and wellness.

Thank you for reading this, I look forward to being a part of your renaissance!

Hello and thank you for landing here.

"TO BE CLEAR…. Frank is no average PT…. I have seen benefits in my concussion related migraines, my spondy stability (vertebrae shift), my posture, my SINUSES (omg), my POTS(Dizziness reduced), my digestion, and my general anxiety level. It is currently 2022 and I continue to see him periodically and am so grateful every time I leave and weeks following that apt. I consider him a friend who cares for others and just wants to help in anyway he can."


"There are no words to describe what Dr. Frank Mallon has done for me and many of my clients. He changed my life in so many ways. Too many to post here. All that matters is that I am 50yrs old and my body feels like a 19yr old. I am able to do all that I previously was able to do as an athlete without any pain! All other methods of treatment were not a permanent solution."


"This therapy is geared toward the individual not a cookie cutter therapy applied to everyone , as each person's issues are unique. I learned so much from Frank and I will always be so grateful for his incredible knowledge that healed me ! I wish everyone in this kind of pain knew about Frank and postural therapy because it could help so many people desperate for relief from pain. Frank at Renaissance Physical Therapy is passionate about what he does and he is an angel on earth. I can't thank you enough for everything!"


"Frank not only treats your injury, but focuses on your  postural imbalance and empowers and encourages you to heal and prevent further injury. I will be forever grateful that he helped me walk again. Even if you don't have an injury, Dr. Frank can help you adjust your postural alignment to prevent future injury. I highly recommend his services to everyone!"


"Working with Frank has made a huge impact on my life. Frank is focused on finding the long-term solution and has taught me how deeply the mind and body are interconnected. His sessions are engaging.  I always leave them confident and with a clear sense of what I need to do. I have recommended Frank to several family & friends and they have been equally as happy with their results. "


"Frank is a very knowledgeable, kind, and effective physical therapist. He was able to quickly assess why I was experiencing pain in my hip/leg/knee and in just three sessions, taught me the exercises I needed in order to resolve the issue. Each session built on the last and he tweaked my treatment to address how my body was responding. In three months I was able to correct the issue and eliminate pain I had experienced daily for years. "


"Frank understands my body and GETS IT in a way no one else ever could. He's worked with many professional athletes and I get why! If you're having any physical symtoms, Frank will thoroughly evaluate you and get you on track and pain free! He will pay attention to your posture, the SOUND of your voice, your eyes, your inflamation, your breath. Frank is a next level healer and I have immense gratitude I was led to him! I have referred close friends and family to him too and they love him as well! :)"


Conditions Treated

Orthopedic Sports Injuries

Acute and Chronic Spinal Issues

Persistent Chronic Tendon, Muscle or Joint Issues

Overuse Injuries


Dizziness and Vestibular Issues

Orofacial Pain

Postural Dysfunction
Breathing Dysfunction
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Post-Concussion Syndrome
Ehlers Danlos
TMJ Dysfunction

How We Can Help

Whether you are in chronic pain and dealing with complex neurologic issues, or are a professional athlete looking to maximize performance, Renaissance Physical Therapy & Wellness will be able to provide you with solutions to help you get to your next level. 









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