As no two people are the same, no two programs are the same, because no two set of circumstances are the same. Similarly, everyone’s systems and goals are different. If we are not seeing notable change within a few sessions, we will continue to zoom out to consider other options that could be affecting your state, and may make recommendations for our multi-disciplinary program or another avenue that would help you get over the speed bump. Every session in our office is approached with the intent to identify both what is currently working and what still needs to improve, all with the intent of getting you better as quickly, efficiently and comprehensively as possible.

How many sessions will I need?

1. Whatever shoes you typically wear throughout your day and wear to be active in.

2. Any eyeglasses and/or contacts that you wear.

3. Any dental appliances/retainers that may have been made for you.

1. Whatever shoes you typically wear                     throughout your day and wear to be                   active in.

2. Any eyeglasses and/or contacts that you         wear.

3. Any dental appliances/retainers that may       have been made for you.

What Should I bring to my first session?

The first session in our clinic will include a thorough review of your medical history and current issues, considering how any and all issues that you may have had at any point in your life could be in some way contributing to your current situation. This helps us understand what the demands on your system have been and how possibly some compensations from other, seemingly unrelated, events may be adding challenges to your system and perpetuating your current issues. We use a systematic battery of objective tests to identify limitations and restrictions in your body’s ability to move in a fluid, uncompensating manner. We may even test how certain sensory inputs (footwear, auditory, visual, dental) could be influencing how your body is organizing, positioning and stabilizing itself. We then come up with a plan to get at the
root of the issue.

With each session, we utilize our objective testing while also considering the many variables in your life influencing your current state. We consider what is getting better, what is still an issue, and how can we most efficiently address the current issues. Sessions often include a combination of manual and non-manual techniques. We will likely give you some techniques to work on between sessions in order to help your body learn and maintain the desired changes. Our goal is always to give you as little to do as possible that will have the most widespread ripple effect throughout your system. This allows us to be more effective with optimal efficiency.

In most cases, we can give you just 2 or 3 corrective techniques to work on between sessions, which are optimally tailored to your specific needs at this point in time.

By taking all variables into account and having the exclusive 1-on-1 time with you, we can best understand the current influences on your issues and how to move towards your desired goals effectively and efficiently.

The goal and focus is always to help you achieve your unique, desired version of a life well-lived.

What does a session look like?

Between each session, there is a certain amount of neuromuscular re-education that your body has to implement via your home program. Thus, it is not necessary for us to have to be meeting up 2 or 3 times per week in the same way traditional physical therapy programs operate. A normal interval between session is roughly around 2 weeks; however the frequency of your visits will ultimately be determined by you and what is most optimal for your unique situation. We will structure or program to ensure that it works based on your schedule and stays effective within your desired treatment frequency.

How often do I need to come?

Renaissance Physical Therapy and Wellness is not in-network with any insurances. This allows us to tailor our programs to the specificity needed for the patient, rather than what will comply with the guidelines of the insurance company.

Also, if you have any out of network benefits with your insurance company, we will gladly provide you with an itemized superbill receipt that has all the necessary provider, treatment and diagnosis codes. You can then submit that to your insurance company and you may receive some reimbursement from them. Many of our patients do receive some
reimbursement from their insurance company.

Do you take insurance?

No. You can schedule wherever is easiest for you and facilitates your needs based on your schedule.

Do I have to see you at the same location each time?

Please bring:

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